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27 February 2012

Tonight's Episode: This Old House gets Guerrilla'd

  The Girl and I got married August 5th, 2011. The chef who provided our fantastic spread, Nico Romo of Fish. When I found out the Guerrilla Cuisine Valentine's Day dinner would be with the guy who wowed our wedding guests, it was a no brainer. This is the youngest Master Chef of France in the US, which means he is a pretty big deal. The Girl and I were in. Didn't hurt that wine was included.
The menu: turns out sheepshead meant fish, not a sheep's head
For those of you unfamiliar with Guerrilla Cuisine's underground supper club, check out our first (of three and counting) dinner with them and Jeremy Holst. This dinner was held in the historic William Aiken House, one of Charleston's most beautiful properties. One thing we love about these dinners is the unique venues. Added into the mix was the Jazz awesomeness that is the Joe Clark Trio, Charleston's best mood setter.
This is the kind of chandelier that should be killing Bruce Willis' enemy

First course, Lobster Spring Roll was a fantastic...well, lobster spring roll. Paired with it was a nicely spiced curry bisque that had enough heat to please me but mild enough that The Girl wasn't blown away. 
Crispy, sweet, and a touch of heat.

Second course was a take on a croque madame, with a coconut bread and perfectly cooked duck. Now, The Girl doesn't care for duck, and she still wouldn't order this on her own, but she did like the taste and the fact it wasn't greasy. For me, the truffle oil that finished the plate was slightly overpowering, but in a good way. I wish I could tell you about the wine, but our new friend iSaw EddieVedder, distracted me with a bottle of Allagash he brought. 
So not what I remember having in Paris as a poor student.

Third course was a pancetta-wrapped North Carolina sheepshead, with lentils, haricot verts, and sous vide squash. I found the squash a little underdone, but still tasty. The lentils were great, and the haricot verts were cooked perfectly. The fish itself was a split decision for The Girl and I. She's not a great lover of fish, and if not for the pancetta she probably wouldn't have finished the fish. I enjoyed it, though I wasn't overwhelmed and thought it the least successful dish of the night.
Sometimes the wrapping paper is the best part of the present. 

The main course was a duo of of pork loin and beef with a demi-glaze, parsnip puree, and vegetables. The pork was tasty as hell, but we both would have liked a little pink in our pork. The beef was delicious, and the parsnip puree was fun and inviting. The star of the dish though, and the night, was the demi-glaze.  This is the kind of sauce you slap on your in-law's cooking to make it edible (well, not MY in-laws, of course).
You see the sauce on that pork? Put that on gravel and I'll eat it

The dessert is a couple's affair. A build your own plate. Very yummy, but I'll let the pictures do the talking on this one. 
Your utensils
your base
Your weapons
Our creation
Some people decide to act like they have talent

After the dessert, came a small tray with two mints. Well, they looked like mints. Unfortunatly for a couple of quick eaters, they were actually hand towels that were activated when the waiters poured hot water on them. Cotton mouth indeed.
Cute lil' mints
Turns into a cleansing towel, well unless you ate it.

Very good meal. There were a few flaws, and some choices I wouldn't have made, but neither of us regretted the money we spent on the evening, and that is how I decide on how successful the dinner was. Well, that and how good the end of the night kiss from The Girl is. That kiss was pretty damn solid.

(As a one-off event, I'm skipping the usual scores. Instead, I will just say GO TO A GUERRILLA CUISINE DINNER! It's time for you to be cool, too.)

Oh, you're still reading? You must want to hear about the after party. Let me just tease you. The MacIntosh, Sweatbreads, and Mexican Cake Beer. 

iSaw and his wife, throwing up gang signs (or making the case for more wine)
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